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We are real estate placemakers, architects and interior space designers.

Selected projects

Casa Lua, Siolim, Goa

3 BHK Villa located amidst the hills of Bardez, Siolim, Goa. This dwelling features beautiful scenic views on all directions, a quaint pool, glass facades and subtle Goan elements modified for a contemporary setting.

An open kitchen-dining layout with seamless space design transferring each ethereal context to another. Open facades on either side of the central court highlight the staircase and dining dividing the semi-public and private arena.

The facade exhibits modern-contemporary features with the use of natural materials and a neutral pallet. The dense green foliage on all angles are given paramount importance with response to the fenestrations of the villa.

47 Residence, Noida

If you have a room with neutral colours and traditional and simple furniture try throwing in an wall painting to the bedroom. It highlights the bedroom wall and brings the whole room back into perspective.


OWL Nightclub,

The project is located on the main road of the party hub of Goa, in Baga. The design ideology was to create a storyline as you enter the space via a ramp going down into a basement. Each element is designed to be interactive and grab the attention of people passing along the busy street. Beyond being a nightclub, the space is meant to enhance one’s experience. Targeting local youth and tourists, it's an exciting new take on contemporary design. A lot of artworks and design elements were chosen to add to the visual language in coherence with the theme, leading to an impressive end product.

Divo Cafe & Bar, Goa

A wine and green color palette, punctuated with a neutral grey, creates a vibrant ambiance for a cafe as well as a bar. Since Divo is located on the main road, a glass facade creates a seamless connection with the outdoors and conveys a feeling of openness, which is inviting for people walking past outside.


Planters and artworks were chosen to create a cozy and casual feeling along with chic interiors and materiality. The Mario Miranda wall is Rhea’s personal favorite element within the café, among the many that were well thought out.



Paras Quartier, Gurgaon

Our first luxury home is a concept for an apartment overlooking Gwal Pahari. Its strong Bauhaus themes contrast against a light and chic interior: natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms, and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish space.



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