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Whether you are a fan of a singular statement piece or adore a loaded gallery wall, art can truly make a space.  Art has been a learning curve for my personal design style.  I fell into the peer pressure of well “they” like it, therefore I  should like it.  Which sometimes proved to be true, but other times, I was left uninspired months later.  What I have learned about art in my own life as well as my clients, art will move you.  The right piece will speak to you or tug at your heart strings.

If it is a print, an original work, a vintage find, if it speaks to you… it will work in your home.  I have multiple sources online that I frequent for prints, a handful of go to artists for original commissioned pieces for clients. You can search Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Prints, etc… and I have discovered some beautiful pieces in doing these searches.

I find that layering in multiple pieces in various mediums provide a more collected look which has a bit more interest.  Incorporating an abstract with a vintage painted portrait & then a quirky photograph is going to draw the viewer in verses a stock series that can be picked up at any chain home decor store.

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