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Updated: May 26, 2020

There are a few words in the interiors world that I feel are a bit overused and have lost their essential meaning. Words like boutique, filament bulb, and, most of all, the word luxury. Flip through any magazine or scroll through any blog and you’re sure to see the word luxury describing some sort of everyday item, like hand soap or towels. But if everything is so luxurious, then what exactly is luxury?

True craftsmanship is key in creating a luxury product and an exquisite attention to detail should be seen in every aspect. Not only does a piece of furniture need to look stunning from across the room, it should also deliver the wow-factor in every stitch, hinge, and dovetail joint. I remember once opening a veneered wardrobe to find that the entire inside was upholstered in leather with drawers lined in cedar. Just the smell of the wardrobe was intoxicating!

The luxury market is keeping old crafts alive as people with classic skills are needed to create high-end furniture and finishing. At ID last year, my head was turned by some beautiful straw marquetry end tables. Though the pieces were contemporary, the attention to detail and modern application of this age-old craft resulted in something truly luxurious. Of course, the hours it takes to craft a piece like this will be reflected in the price ticket– hence “involving great expense”– but this is as it should be as these skills deserve to be valued.

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