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We often feel the need to surround ourselves will all our personal possessions we hold dear, but this can end up looking cluttered and disorganised within an interior space. Too many different clothes, objects, styles and mismatched colours competing for attention will detract away from any interior scheme. So how do we balance ones personal possessions with a stylish, minimalistic interior – by de-cluttering our interiors.

The method is based on the simple idea of joy that will not only transform your interior, but once you have de-cluttered your home her philosophy can also be applied to your hole life too “giving you more confidence, helping you to become more successful, and giving you the energy and motivation to create the life you want.”

Compared to other organizing methods that make you consider an items purpose or question when you last used it, Marie Kondo’s method is even simpler. When it comes to any of the items in your house, answer this one simple question – Does it bring you joy? Marie recognises that a tidy home means you are less likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the negative impact of objects in your home that no longer bring you joy.

If you answer yes, you keep the item. If you hesitate or say no, you donate it or throw it away.

The KonMari method is simple yet effective, and stops you spending a lot of time justifying how an object may be useful to you at some point and therefore decide to keep it. Marie’s direct yes/no question of whether something brings you joy is a simple, emotion-based question that can be answered almost instantly – That item either makes you feel joy or it doesn’t.

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